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Connecting You to the Research Ecosystem

Leverage Our Extensive Research Network

In addition to specific tools and solutions, our research partners gain access to our extensive network of research relationships, built over many years.

Institutional Investors

From the buy side’s point of view, IRC is a “research prime broker” – a licensed broker-dealer providing critical market and operational services to our clients, independent research providers.

This means our research partners are backed by an industry-standard compliance framework, tested policies and procedures, a strong billing and payments infrastructure, and an experienced counter-party in all aspects of the relationship between research provider and institutional client.

The research firms we work with are a highly distinctive group, offering unique and very independent ideas across diverse sectors and methodologies.

We welcome inquiries from institutional investors. For additional information, contact us.

CSA Brokers

We act as a centralized invoicing and collection agent for our research partners, creating a single point of contact for all the parties in a payment transaction.

We also have CSA arrangements in place with multiple broker-dealers across the world.

When institutional clients direct payment, it is likely to be with an existing broker in our network. Otherwise, we actively seek out new relationships with payment brokers, and move fast on setting up new accounts.

We welcome inquiries from broker-dealers. For additional information, contact us.


As a FINRA-registered broker-dealer of long standing, we are an experienced guide to the compliance regime governing institutional research.

We provide our research partners with an industry-standard compliance framework designed to follow best practices in a heavily regulated sector.

We can also act as chief compliance officer to our research partners. As such, we are a known and experienced intermediary with an extensive history of dealing with buy-side compliance teams and regulatory authorities.

We welcome questions on our compliance framework. For additional information, contact us.

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